We produce components

for polyurethane foam, polyols, polyurethane adhesives, polyurea

What is more, we insulates residential and industrial facilities

official factory assurance

The saving is more than 40% on the heating compare with rolled and plate heaters in 98% of the cases

2 000 +
insulated residential buildings, warehouses, agricultural enterprises
2 000 000 +
The overall area of insulation

Our experience is 17 years in polyurethane foam insulation

The Ecothermix is on the market of thermal insulation since 2003 y. Every year we are insulating more than 300 000 м² of residential and industrial facilities. The principles of the company are an individual approach to each client, professional attitude to a favorite business, responsibility for the result.

Our Products

Ecothermix offers a range of polyurethane products: spray foam, injection foam, molded foam, CASE applications, PIR systems, polyurea, membranes and e.t.c.
Our components use for manufacture of assembly graters, beehives, decorative and structural parts of furniture, headboards for beds, cornices, ceiling sockets, lining, and many others.
It is the production of thermo-panels with clinker tiles, sandwich panels, composite panels, SIP panels PPU.
It is used as a part of casting PIR and PUR systems for the production of heat-insulating shells.
It is used for periodic and continuous production of pipes for oil and gas pipelines, heat pipelines (pipe in pipe). It is suitable for the production of rigid pipes.
It is used for periodic and continuous production of pipes for oil and gas pipelines, heat pipelines (pipe in pipe). It is suitable for the production of rigid pipes.
It is used for manufacturing three-layer sandwich panels in the factory.
It is used for the external insulation of objects by pouring (injection).
It is used for the internal insulation by pouring.
Ecotermix Z 30/162 is a with two-component system for the thermal boilers by pouring method.

About company

The Company Ecothermix has developed a new generation of insulation. It allows reduce the consumption of electricity spent on heating and air conditioning several times. The technology of Ecothermix got wide distribution in countries that are paying attention for the environmental safety of materials. What is more, it spreads on the Russian market, and it is available in Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Ukraine.
modern technological equipment from Germany
eco-friendly products with a solid content of natural oil
The technology of spray polyurethane allows finishing the heat insulation installation very quickly. It is possible to insulate the warehouses with an area of more than 2000 м² just in 3 days. For the last years, the polyurethane foam supersedes outdated insulation materials that even cannot be compared with polyurethane foam. Ecothermix polyurethane foam is non-toxic, lightweight, durable and, fireproof. It is a material of the future.
high productivity of the factory
multistage quality control system supports a high level of compliance with world production standards
The factory of Ecothermix has German equipment for achieving a high-quality products. These facilities allow minimizing the human factor and the possibility of marriage at every stage of production. The company’s uniqueness is organizing a vertically integrated production process. It begins with polyethylene terephthalate or kitchen that uses oil, and finish on final products that provide unprecedented energy savings. The company’s system of quality control guarantees a product with a high-quality level.
full automation of production
ability to create a product according to the customer’s recipe
The laboratory is an important structural unit of the Ecotermix. It has modern equipment that develops unique recipes and tests products.
The factory’s stock is located not far from Saint-Petersburg. The area is more than 5 600 м2. The stock is equipped well and has convenient access for freight transport.